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Rich bitch

If u wanna fertilize her, u gotta frig her- that has changed considerably with technology. Now if she doesn’t want to be ploughed for being fertilized, she can get the anonymous sperm and get her egg done with an og specialist. No ploughing and shoving!

Even better is to hire a woman to carry her fertilized egg to term. Biological, but no traditional hassles.

God put pleasure in that activity to aid procreation- but humans in their innovative best have made them discrete. Pleasure and procreation don’t have to go together for the willful rich!

Comments on: "Rich bitch" (2)

  1. Vikrant said:

    where r we heading??
    Earlier rich could afford to live couple of extra days in comparison to others not so rich. However, the scenerio seems to be an unnatural phenomenon; glorified, indeed!


  2. movid said:

    I like the delinking that is taking place between pleasure and procreation, It is like that glorious statement of the actor Raj Kapoor, who said of his wife as THE MOTHER TO MY KIDS.


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