Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

He asked her, ‘ when she had her first sexual experience? ‘ she was not only a liberated person but who did not apportion privileges based on the gender. She said- are u asking for the first time when my hand was held and i became a jelly or when i was kissed on my hand and i turned gooey, or when i was first kissed on my lips, or when i boldly participated in the kiss that i darted my tongue into his mouth and also licked his moustache or is it the first time he held my hips and fondled my tit with one hand and kissed my naked nipple and felt his moustache as bristles on my areola, or the first time when he smote with his wand but failed to part for fear of losing what a fool like u would check to find on the day of the nuptials if i had it or not? She said i am a virgin by all physical standards- give or take a few stolen kisses and intimate rubs. This made his mind agitated, he could neither swallow what he heard nor show that he resented her indiscreet past. That would be like telling her why don’t u lie and keep me happy!

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