Here Charitable Individualism is the key!… nothing less.

Like the dwarf stuck with his name, nebuchadnezzar was stuck with the dream. He could not utter it, otherwise the chaldeans and the jewish captives would give untrue interpretations. But the weight was heavy- to the point like the dwarf, had to cry out loud. So as he stood on the terrace of his garden and was reminiscing one of the pussies he had dilated, he called for her. She after servicing him was asked by the king what she wanted. She wanted him, but a king could never ever give up himself to a woman, so she asked him for the dream as yet untold to any human ears. He narrated the statue and the shining this and that etc. Daniel meanwhile had people to tell him who the king had been spending time with. One of the lessons that Daniel learnt early was that- make the mouth that is neighbour to the ears the king spoke, to talk. He enticed a eunuch to speak to her and casually get the details of all the private things exchanged. She, to prove that she knew something that only the king knew, said everything in great detail- not wanting to miss out on any detail. The eunuch for the gold, gave the dream to Daniel. He thanked shadrach meshach and abednego for all the help. Went to the king’s court and very ably presented the vision and whatever he thought it meant- all so far in time and proportion that it was unverifiable!
He came back with all the importance of a sharp winner. Nebuchadnezzar, had a sneaking suspicion if daniel had met the cunt of the harem. Thorough verification showed that daniel had not had a chance to meet her. Now nebu had a good night’s repose. Daniel had to keep it a tight secret. Arioch and he met with and had a pact, i help u by feeding the ears of nebu with good reports for the help. U keep the secret unto yourself. Meanwhile daniel wrote the book and therein mentioned that God revealed it to him. Of course God, gave him the wisdom to ferret out the info without leaving a trail. Smart ass daniel! The jewry as usual love incredible stories and the ones at the top know that God gets most of the things done thru human agency.

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